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    Solutions & Services

    Transaction printing, fulfilment & mailing

    Refers to the production of bills, statements, invoices, insurance policies, and other informational documents with content unique to each recipient. With one of the largest transaction document production sites in Malaysia, we can produce your printed documents in high quality with the highest integrity for mail and distribution.

    Returned mail management

    Eliminate the cost of sending mail to your customers who no longer reside at an address. CMCM manage your returned mail, provide you with the information to update your databases, saving you the cost of future production.

    E-delivery & data analytics

    As the world moves towards delivery of documents electronically, we can help you compose and distribute these, providing our service include delivery status, plotting the journey from was it received to was it read by analysing every single email delivery. With the use of Data Analytics non receipt emails can automatically trigger hardcopy distribution to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

    Direct mail

    Let us assist you with your marketing campaigns. We produce a varied array of content for campaigns services includes processes such as materials preparation, collation, folding, closing, bundling, packaging and courier collection. With our latest technology and knowhow, we able to help you improve your campaign performance.

    Digital output for your archival & customer portal 

    We deliver you electronic contents by formatting your legacy data into documents that are customer facing. You now see what your customer see. It’s proven to reduce the time and cost of regeneration of documents from customer’s request and it also improve call centre response time.

    Materials management 

    We are a one stop shop for your production needs. We take care of the supply chain and manage your stationaries and marketing materials from their order to distribution.

    Global development services

    In a world increasingly driven by more sophisticated customer communication management software, finding the competent resources for development and integration is both difficult and expensive.
    We develop in some of the global leading software for document composition and customer communications software. Covering both Asia and Europe our certified Quadient (formerly GMC) and Print Soft teams of developers save you the high costs of on site development of your customer communications.

    Dedicated production services

    Our team of experienced professionals  can provide you with dedicated solutions to create, manage and produce your customer communications.